About the agency

The Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency (PPCA) was established by the government of Republic of Bulgaria in 2010 with the unification of the former Privatization Agency and Post-Privatization Control Agency. The PPCA is supervised by the Council of Ministers of the Republic. The budget of the Agency is provided by the State. The main functions of the PPCA are defined by the Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Act. The Agency is responsible for the accomplishment of the privatization process in the country and the supervision of the concluded privatization contracts.


List of administrative services provided by the Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency

1. Providing access to public information.

2. Providing consulting services representing the legitimate interest for natural or legal persons on the administrative law regime, which is provided by law or which are related to the issuance of an administrative act or in connection with other administrative services.

3. Handling requests for clarification of differences between issued social security income certificates (UP-2) and data about the socially secured person from the information system of the National Social Security Institute.

4. Issuance of a certificate of social security length of service (UP-3).

5. Issuance of a certificate of social security income (UP-2).

6. Providing of a certificate for the compensatory instruments registered with the Central Depository (Article 5, paragraph 1 and paragraph 3 of the Transactions with Compensatory Instruments Act).

7. Issuance of certificates confirming the lack of debts arising from non-performance of the privatization contracts in connection with Article 78, paragraph 2 of the State Property Act. 

Hot Project

Privatization process

1. Project development  and marketing:

  • Evaluation, legal analysis and information memorandum
  • Privatization strategy
  • Privatization method
  • Marketing

2. Privatisation methods:

3.  Privatization contract conclusion:

  • Endorsement of the privatization contract
  • Approval by the Supervisory Board
  • Signing of the privatization contract
  • Transfer of shares

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